Stealing Elections — Part 1

Ever wonder why our elected officials don’t share your values? How they keep getting elected over and over again? Because they’re being installed not elected. Our elections are being stolen. We no longer have free and fair elections.

And it is not only conservatives that are having their elections stolen. It’s Democrats, too. Remember what happened to Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primary? That charade still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of progressive Democrats. And how many Democrats to you know that support 28-day infanticide, Drag Queen shows for toddlers or physically mutilating teenagers by removing sex organs that will never grow back? How many Democrats do you know that support excessive high-density housing imposed by Sacramento in their towns and cities?

It’s only a matter of time before those with differing political views join our cause for free and fair elections.

The methods used to override your ballot choices are sophisticated and have been developed over decades beginning with the widespread implementation of electronic voting systems. This series of articles will attempt to help you get your arms around election fraud and empower you to fight it.


The MEIC is a non-partisan committee and is not affiliated with any political party. It works to ensure that every legal certifiable vote is accurately counted and tabulated.

The MEIC advocates a return to precinct level single day in-person voting with photo ID to vote on paper ballots counted at the precinct.

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