Stealing Elections — Part 2

One way to get “get your head straight” about election fraud is to examine the impact of electronic voting systems on California election results. The graph below is based on California US House seats from 1960 through 2020. It shows the Democrat registration share percentage, the Democrat vote share percentage and the percent of votes cast by electronic voting machines.

In 1960 Democrats had a roughly 57% share of registrations in California. By 202o that decreased to a roughly 46% share. The percent share of Democrat votes generally followed and was less than the percent registration share with a few notable exceptions. In 1968 and 1980 the vote share took a significant dip when Nixon (a US Senator from California) and Reagan (a California governor) won the presidency. There was a less noticeable dip when Gingrich and the Republicans won the US House for the first time in 45 years in 1994. Conversely, Watergate caused a significant increase in Democrat vote share during the Watergate year of 1974. Such deviations are to be expected.

What is not expected is the noticeable inversion of these curves beginning in about 1996. Since then the Democrat share of votes continued to rise well above the Democrat share of registrations from roughly 47% in 1994 to roughly 67% in 2020. Libertarian and Independent voters do not explain the large discrepancy between the Democrat registration share and the Democrat vote share. Something else is pulling votes to Democrats well above their registration share.

Could it be the implementation of electronic voting systems? Their use started in the mid to late 1980’s. By 1998 they were used in 4% of California counties then rose rapidly to 98% in 2006. By 2020 100% of California counties were using electronic voting systems. The result appears to be a 20-point increase in Democrat vote share over Democrat registration share.


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