About us:

Welcome to the Marin Election Integrity Committee ! You have landed here either by chance or intentionally. Either way, you will want to read on, and see how you can be a voice, or a body for election integrity.

This committee was founded to form an alliance with people who feel the need to make a difference regarding the integrity in our elections. By now, we have all come to the realization that our elections are compromised, and ‘We the People’ seem to be the only ones that have the burning desire to right that sinking ship. Our leaders, as we call them, including politicians, judges, appointees, all have no interest in investigating this. The reason is obvious, that it is in their best interest to let it slide, and we, their constituents, are not in their best interest. In our daily lives we see the results of elections that were compromised. Even though many forms of evidence are clear to that fact, very few leaders care to acknowledge it, or better yet, put up a fight to correct it.

So, what do WE do? We put our minds to work intersecting ideas and remedies to be a force that has to be reckoned with. We will hold leaders accountable, we will expose fraud, find the perpetrators, and correct the system. How is that done? We will find leaders for this movement that have the drive, the desire, and the knowledge, and get them elected into positions that have the power to operate.

How do YOU fit in? You can be a researcher, a canvasser, a promoter, an orchestrator, maybe even a candidate. And for all the types of people that prefer to be on the force, but cannot dedicate time, you are the all important donor! We are all here to participate, one way or another.

So, drop in a bit, relax, and take a look around. If you like what you see and want to get involved to make a difference in your local or state elections, we can find a spot for you.

  1. Thank you for your comment. There’s plenty of evidence to support that claim. But since you’re responding anonymously and provide…

  2. “The bad news: voter rolls in every county of every state are dirty. Election fraud is rampant in every state,…

  3. I know it’s going to be a great event. Looking forward.

  4. Looking forward to learning more about election integrity.

  5. Sam’s was already booked for October 30th. Date will be the same, but new start time and location TBD.

  • Christmas Party!

    Christmas Party!

    Join us at the Marin Rod & Gun Club at 2675 Francisco Blvd. East, San Rafael on December 2nd at 6:00 pm for a Christmas party hosted by the new Marin chapter of the California Republican Assembly (MCRA). Children are free (up to two per adult). Reservations include: Turkey, ham, beef, salads, side dishes and…

  • MCRA Meeting

    The next meeting of the Marin Chapter of the California Republican Assembly is now Tuesday night November 21, 2023 at Maya Palenque Restaurant at 349 Enfrente Rd, Novato (Bel Marin Keys offramp). The meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Some of us will show up at 5:30 pm to get something to eat. Separate checks are…

  • Dr. Frank + MEIC a Success!

    Dr. Frank + MEIC a Success!

    The event was both well attended and well received. The MEIC presentation group got the evening started with their findings and analyses of the Marin County November 2022 general election. Then came Dr. Frank to speak about his findings and analyses of voter rolls throughout our great country. Rhonda Provost of “Save Our Sonoma” wrapped…

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  1. No doubt about it..

  2. With what is going on in Lodi, it looks like the season is upon us to take action where action is needed. Do you think there as many 100+ year old voters in Marin as there are in San Joaquin County (Lodi)?


The MEIC is a non-partisan committee and is not affiliated with any political party. It works to ensure that every legal certifiable vote is accurately counted and tabulated.

The MEIC advocates a return to precinct level single day in-person voting with photo ID to vote on paper ballots counted at the precinct.

“OurMarin” is a trademark of the Marin Election Integrity Committee.

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