Now, more than ever, Patriots must get out and vote

For quite a few years I never voted. My reason was two fold. First off, I felt like the majority of voters would vote for the proper candidate, which I figured would be who I would vote for anyway, and also, I would hear off and on that “Your vote doesn’t count”.

So, with those two thoughts locked in my head regarding voting, I let it go. As time went on, watching national and local laws fall into place, feeling the impact, I realized that was not the way to view the voting system. Things were going in the wrong direction. Fast forward to today, and you can see that the voting irregularities are overwhelming. More than ever, we are at a disadvantage as the evidence of election fraud running rampant is overtaking our Republic. But, hope is not lost. No matter what is done to ruin our election process, there is always a way for ‘We the people’ to gain ground in some form.

One of the best examples is Glenn Younkin of Virginia voted in as Governor in 2021. How did he get elected as a longshot in an opposition Stronghold? That was the first look we got of the “Momma bears” showing up in droves, back when the Communist inspired CRT was kicking into high gear. Momma Bears came out to protect their young from the school curriculum of self hate, racism, sexual exploitation, etc. The parents came out strong, and overwhelmed the election manipulators.

Remember too, California showed up in 2022 to put enough congressmen in D.C. to give the Conservatives the victory in Congress. Look at the progress being made in this short of time. Congress has a high approval rating as of now. Thanks to California voters! We should use that as a tool and inspiration for what a difference we can make.

The election fraud, and bear in mind, not voter fraud, but election fraud, is the systemic manipulation of our voting process, and it is always a guessing game. The participants in the process have to use estimates to reach their goals. If they estimate the voter turnout too low, then they lose. If they estimate too high, the outcome is obviously manipulated. This is why they require ‘extra time’ to fix it, as to appear to be a fair victory for their candidate. Hence, the latter is why many states, including ours, have laws that allow them a number of days after voting day, to ‘count’ all the ballots flowing in that got mailed in on voting day. Do you believe this? If so, you shouldn’t. This is the time they need to ‘manufacture’ votes to ‘catch up’ to the numbers required to select their chosen candidate as the winner.

This is where things went wrong for the manipulators in the Virginia race. They estimated the turnout of voters for the election by watching the numbers come in from the early voting. They estimated what they thought would be necessary votes to select their chosen candidate. The problem was, the real voters overwhelmed the system, and the system could not catch up. The Virginia election committee wanted extra ‘counting days’ to try to produce votes. Their rigged system failed for the time they were allowed.

This is what can happen if we ALL turn out to vote. We can overwhelm the system. We, as Patriots must get out to vote. We need to bring our parents, siblings, neighbors, everyone we can think of, to get out to vote. If you know some moderates, and even opposition voters that you feel are turning away from their party, get them out to vote. If you know people who are not registered to vote, get them to register, and vote…. Everyone.

If you don’t vote, you lose. If you do vote, you have a shot at victory.

Walter J.

One response to “Now, more than ever, Patriots must get out and vote”

  1. I agree 100% with the sentiment expressed in this blog. Be we need to do more to permanently restore election integrity to our county and state. At the county level, we must carefully choose Members of the Marin GOP. We have an opportunity to elect Members that are serious about advancing election integrity in the county and state levels. But you must register Republican so you can vote in the March 5, 2024 primary.

    This is my appeal to conservative Marin Independents (NPP): re-register as Republicans so you can vote to change GOP leadership at the local level. If you don’t like the result you can always change back to NPP. But the upcoming primary is the best opportunity you’ve had to affect change in the local Republican Party in years. Take full advantage of that opportunity!


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