Drug Cartels are peddling…. Election outcomes??

I often look at the U.S. County map of election fraud out of ‘morbid curiosity’. I look and wonder what happened election-wise in certain areas. Some counties had little to no fraud, but their neighboring county could have had massive fraud. One state that fits this description is Texas. Texas, overall had minimal fraud, but a few of their counties had massive fraud. Basically in the southeast counties. Why?

I also was looking at a map of the approximately 140 drug cartel organization locations throughout the U.S., their journey through South America, through Mexico, and finally here into the U.S. (It’s disgusting, really.) There are counties throughout the U.S. where the cartels have organized various home bases that they plot and work from.

If you overlap the map of U.S. counties with election fraud, and the map of the counties with organized drug cartel activity, it’s incredible. First I noticed that generally, in counties that have no election fraud, there are no drug cartel operations. That’s quite amazing, being that there are over 3000 counties in the U.S. On the other hand, over 90% of the cartel bases are either in heavy election fraud counties, or in the county right next to it, probably doing the neighboring county’s dirty election fraud work.

A set of interesting examples are; Nevada, for one, there are only two counties with evidence of heavy election fraud. Those are the only two counties that also have known drug cartel organizations. Another example is New Mexico. New Mexico has three known drug cartel organizations. The state also has two counties with evidence of heavy election fraud. Guess where the two drug cartels operate from? Yep, two of the three heavy fraud counties. Texas, as I mentioned earlier, has fraud ridden, cartel ridden counties like this as well. The deep southern part of California has very heavy evidence of election fraud, surrounded by the heaviest drug cartel organizations in the state. Lastly, Iowa has one county with strong evidence of election fraud, and one county with known drug cartel organizations…..you finish the sentence.

I don’t see it as a coincidence, not in my opinion anyway. This is only a sample, the examples like these go on and on. The chance of this being happenstance is close to zero. Look at it this way, if the cartels can peddle drugs, children, and weapons, why not fake ballots? The corrupt politicians are bedfellows with these Mexican drug cartels, as we saw in the evidence presented in the recent Arizona case. So, this is an easy game for them since the pieces are already in place. More than likely, the payout for this is quite lucrative. It’s surly impossible to trace anything back to anybody. What a great scheme.

The elite politicians throughout this country have no interest in working for, or protecting “We the People”. We see that more clearly every day. Knowing we do, they realize we Americans are not going to buy what they have to sell. Hence, election fraud is still a major tool for them to keep themselves in power. Why would they not utilize a powerful terrorization group like the Mexican drug cartels to do some of their dirty election work? Makes sense to me..

..and as of now, we have a new invasion to enrichen the cartels in America even further.

Below is a map of the Western U.S. The red counties represent high evidence of election fraud, the top 1o% . The yellow represents counties with evidence of noticeable election fraud. The light green represents counties with minimal evidence of fraud . The dark green represents counties with little or no evidence of election fraud.. The black dots are where there is known drug cartel organizations.

Notice there is no dark green counties in the coastal states. Also notice the northern-most cartel location in Calif. is a red county. It’s no bigger than the dot.

maps by Capt K and S skinner

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  1. Links to maps that illustrate your point:

    High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program Counties 2023

    Capt. Seth Keshel (ret.) maps


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