New Domain Name!

You may notice that our new domain name is “” No need to update your bookmarks or business cards because the old domain name redirects to the new.

The reason for the change was twofold. First, we wanted a URL that was more inclusive and less partisan as well as a bit shorter. Second, the ogres at Marin GOP are changing their Bylaws to make it easy to throw people associated with the old domain name off the central committee. (They’re so easily threatened. It makes you wonder how they can stand up to Democrats!)

But no worries – the Marin Election Integrity Committee will continue to fight for election integrity in Marin County. We do that by performing public outreach of our election observation findings and publishing reports, as well as recruiting, training and scheduling observers. We’ve also keep you informed of candidates for the Marin County Republican Central Committee that espouse conservative values.

Go to About | Resolutions in the menu above to see where we stand on a variety of issues.


The MEIC is a non-partisan committee and is not affiliated with any political party. It works to ensure that every legal certifiable vote is accurately counted and tabulated.

The MEIC advocates a return to precinct level single day in-person voting with photo ID to vote on paper ballots counted at the precinct.

“OurMarin” is a trademark of the Marin Election Integrity Committee.

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