An Updated EI Presentation

The MEIC presented its election observation findings at a fundraiser for Tief Gibbs at Bacon in Novato. The presentation included significant new findings. At the end of the presentation, Tief and her husband Walter relayed their experiences at the Trinity County Fair the previous weekend. More on that in another post (Walter?)

Previously, the MEIC identified a huge discrepancy between decreasing Democrat registrations and increasing Democrat votes in California and Marin County, which we call the GAP. We recently determined where they get the votes to fill that GAP – voters with No Party Preference. But the numbers are unrealistic for Marin County as shown in the graph below:

Take the 2020 election for example. Biden received 128K votes, but only 95K Democrats voted. So Biden had to obtain 33K votes from another pool of voters. The only available pool of voters besides DEM or REP is “other” (41,190 OTH). That includes No Party Preference (33,788 NPP), American Independent (5,181 AI), Libertarian (1,476 LIB) and others. But the OTH pool is dominated by NPP.

Look what the OTH, or GAP pool did for Biden. Their turnout was higher than DEMs. Same goes for Clinton in 2016. And Obama in 2012 and 2008, and Kerry in 2004 where their turnout exceeded 100%. How could that be?

When you think about NPP, they’re not really “Independents” in the sense that the media likes to use the word. They’re reluctant voters that didn’t choose a party, or Republicans in hiding because they don’t want to lose their jobs or their clients. (In Marin County, it’s easier to come out as gay than it is a Republican!) So it’s unlikely that they actually turned out in the numbers reported – someone (or some computer) voted on their behalf.

Now look at the growth of DEM vote gains over the years and the increase in NPP registrations. It’s nearly a perfect match!

Now we know how they’re filling that GAP.

We also addressed the issue of the certified vote counts. The California Secretary of State always has a higher certified vote than reported by Marin County (which is the source of that data) as shown in the chart below:

It is clear from the chart that the SoS is adding votes. And why not? Since 2006 all the voter rolls in California are under their control. And up until Election Day they know who has voted and who hasn’t, otherwise people would be able to vote multiple times at Vote Centers such as those used in Marin County.

The Marin ROV argues that the certified vote as determined from their vote-by-party records are inaccurate because some voters drop off due to death or because they moved. But look at the turnout based on Marin County numbers (red line) versus those reported by the SoS (black line). A typical voter turnout of 70% is considered good whereas one of 80% is considered great. It is unrealistic that Marin County voters have a consistent turnout of nearly 90% or more.

Come on, man! They’re padding the voter rolls with non-DEM and non-REP voters then voting on their behalf. It’s the only way to explain the vote results reported.


The MEIC is a non-partisan committee and is not affiliated with any political party. It works to ensure that every legal certifiable vote is accurately counted and tabulated.

The MEIC advocates a return to precinct level single day in-person voting with photo ID to vote on paper ballots counted at the precinct.

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