Climate Policy

Okay, not closely related to election integrity, but it’s important to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed policies to address climate change.

Much like the COVID-19 virus, government is using something invisible to frighten us and justify policies that merely serve to give them more power over our lives. This time, catastrophic climate change alarmists are using the invisible CO2 gas (which is essential for life on Earth) to create fear and seize control of our energy use.

Does anyone really believe that the government can affect climate change by regulating our CO2 emissions? Common sense would argue that they cannot. But so does a recent evaluation of the science by the Strategic Threat Assessment Group. They found that climate change policy poses the gravest strategic threat not climate change.

The assessment answers 3 main questions, namely are climate policies a) affordable, b) attainable, or c) even necessary? Key takeaways:

  • Worldwide “net zero” by 2050 would reduce global temperatures by less that 0.1°C
  • Each $1 billion spent would reduce warming by less than one ten-millionth of a degree
  • After correcting a grave error of climate physics, there is no climate emergency.

Be sure to review the graphs on the last page. There you will find the appreciable benefits of global warming that are overlooked by the alarmists such as the greening of the Earth.

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