WVRWF Presentation a Success!

The wonderful ladies of the West Valley Republican Women Federated invited us to give our Election Integrity presentation to their members Thursday, August 17, 2023. Not only were they wonderful hosts, but they proved to be a terrific audience as well.

Our formal presentation ran a bit long, but they didn’t care. The audience was attentive and engaged. The Question and Answer session was one of the best we’ve ever had. Several stayed long after the meeting to continue discussing election integrity with us. They were loaded with constructive criticism that we value greatly and will put to good use in future presentations.

Special thanks to Robin McCarthy for inviting us and arranging the event, Kris Saba for her generous donation and Anne Leeper for her thoughtful suggestions and tips on technical writing she emailed to me. We are grateful to all!

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One response to “WVRWF Presentation a Success!”

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