The Tief Report

Some news from the campaign front …

Tief Gibbs Jensen and her husband had a booth for their Vintage Vehicles business at Novato’s “Nostalgia Day” on Saturday, October 7, 2023.

Helping them out was Jackie Hall of Novato. She also took the time to get attendees to sign a petition to get Tief on the ballot for the March 5, 2023 primary election. She gathered 40 signatures from registered voters of all persuasions! Tief will make the ballot with 50 volunteers like Jackie.

Be like Jackie!

Go to and sign up to become a volunteer. Ask for copies of the petitions to canvas your neighborhood in Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity and Del Norte Counties. Then get some signatures!


The MEIC is a non-partisan committee and is not affiliated with any political party. It works to ensure that every legal certifiable vote is accurately counted and tabulated.

The MEIC advocates a return to precinct level single day in-person voting with photo ID to vote on paper ballots counted at the precinct.

“OurMarin” is a trademark of the Marin Election Integrity Committee.

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