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Dr. Frank + MEIC a Success!

The event was both well attended and well received. The MEIC presentation group got the evening started with their findings and analyses of the Marin County November 2022 general election. Then came Dr. Frank to speak about his findings and analyses of voter rolls throughout our great country. Rhonda Provost of “Save Our Sonoma” wrapped up the evening with a brief description of their canvassing efforts to clean up their county’s voter rolls.

The bad news: voter rolls in every county of every state are dirty. Election fraud is rampant in every state, even red states. And no elected officials anywhere in any party are doing anything about it.

Although the work of Dr. Frank and local groups like the MEIC is vitally important, finding evidence of fraud is not enough. We must identify specific examples of fraud. That is why the work of citizens like Rhonda Provost of Sonoma County and others in the Patriot Force! movement is essential.

The good news: such citizen movements are growing to take back our elections. They’re educating themselves about our corrupted elections and educating others. They’re mobilizing to analyze and clean up our voter rolls, and they’re pressuring elected officials at the county level to change our laws to secure our elections. One good example is the return to paper ballots in Shasta County. Similar efforts are underway in other California counties.

The main lesson of the evening was that we can’t rely on elected officials, bureaucrats and law enforcement – our government – to make our elections fair and honest once again. We must act and we must get involved.

If you would like to participate in Marin County, consider subscribing to this website. Better yet, send an email to to join our account to find out what others in our county are doing for election integrity and what you can do to help them. It’s also the perfect place to seek help for your own election integrity efforts.

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