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Vote Centers

The “Voter’s Choice Act” replaced traditional polling centers with Vote Centers. Voters may cast a ballot in-person at any vote center in their county. Vote centers are similar to polling places but provide additional features that make voting easier and more convenient. At any vote center a voter may:

One Vote Center is required for every 50,000 registered voters starting 10 days before Election Day and through the Friday before Election Day (11-day centers). One Vote Center is required for every 10,000 registered voters starting the Saturday before Election Day and through Election Day (4-day centers). There are roughly 170,000 registered voters in Marin County. Thus, the number of Vote Centers required by law is (4)11-day Vote Centers and (18)4-day Vote Centers.

The Marin County Elections Department provides (1)29-day Vote Center, (3)11-day Vote Centers and (16)4-day Vote Centers, which is two more 4-day centers than required by law. The Marin County Elections Department selects the number and location of Vote Centers based on the California Elections Code and public outreach.

Each Vote Center is staffed by a minimum of two (2) Vote Center Coordinators (Coordinators) and a minimum of three (3) Vote Center Clerks (Clerks).

Voters from other California Counties may also vote at Marin County Vote Centers using a Provisional Ballot that is sent to their home county.

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